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Case study process

A great customer success story or case study highlights the benefits of your solution in a way that resonates with prospects and customers. Here’s how we do that…

Step 1: Let’s talk

I need to understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve with this case study. Who are you trying to reach, and what pain point does your product or service resolve? Are you speaking to existing customers or focused on gaining the attention of new ones? Do you have an existing template, or do you need me to help create one? What other material do you have out there? Usually this can be covered in a 30-40-minute call.

At this stage, I’ll also be asking whether you have a specific customer in mind, and how far along with agreement to participate we are.


  • Draft set of questions for the customer – typically, I’ll use what you’ve shared plus my own research to create questions that focus on the pain point, what made the customer look for help, why they chose your company, and the specific benefits they realized after implementing your product or solution.

Step 2: I interview your customer

I spend 30-40 minutes on the phone with your customer. If you or a member of the sales team also want to join that call, no problem. During the call, I run through the questions I’ve drafted and ask follow ups as appropriate. I record the calls so I can focus on listening and diving deeper, rather than on taking notes.



  • Transcript of the customer interview for your records


Step 3: Drafting and Revising

Now I get into the writing! I’ll use the information that you supplied at Step 1 and combine it with the customer’s point of view to create a compelling success story. It will include quotes from the customer along with any metrics they are willing to share – whatever we can use to showcase your solution and their experience of working with you.

Once I’ve drafted the piece, you’ll have the opportunity to review the draft and request any edits or suggestions. Typically, I offer two rounds of revision because I want to make sure you’re totally satisfied with the finished piece.



  • A polished first draft that tells a great story

  • Two rounds of edits


Step 4: Customer Approval

Once you’re happy with the Success Story, it’s usual to get customer approval too. I’m happy to liaise with the customer on your behalf to secure approval, if you need me to.


And of course, if you have any questions, just reach out and ask.


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